Yumma 15:51 20/Jan/13

RIP :( He's still shredding

MAX 16:23 20/Jan/13

such sad news :( RIP

raphabee 17:32 20/Jan/13

Such terrible news.

I wanna see a huge Lewis Marnell tribute mural at Prahran in Rasta colours.....artists, make it happen.

scotty.. 17:41 20/Jan/13


Cameron M
Cameron M 18:14 20/Jan/13

So sad, I doubt this is the place for them to be received but regardless all my condolences go out to all who's life was improved by meeting this amazing human being.

bonezy 18:33 20/Jan/13

anyone know the circumstances surrounding his death??

choppa 19:10 20/Jan/13

Lewis was always one of the most underrated professional skateboarder who was always pulling unfathomable hammers ie the bigger Melbourne Museum gap

baulko 19:33 20/Jan/13

Great guy, always down for a chat and genuinely cared about what you had to say. He's skating ability was amazing and as a person, he was even better!
I remember talking to Steve Gourlay when we were watching his Chronicles section and saying "how good it must be to shoot photos of such a rad dude"... He told me "it was an honour". He will be terribly missed in the skateboarding world for sure...

Nami, my heart goes out to you and both your Families.
Great man gone way too early... R.I.P brother.

|Jesus| 19:51 20/Jan/13


Diabetes can get fucked.

yamumsyadad 21:13 20/Jan/13

From Lewis' Mum

"FYI and to clear up any quandries relating to Lewis' s sad & untimely passing, he had a massive hypoglycemic reaction which did not respond to ingested glucose. He was at home and was discovered by his wife around 6.30 on Friday night Melb time. It was not possible to resuscitate him and we are all still trying to come to terms with this tragedy. We ask everybody to send out thoughts and prayers of love and comfort. Please keep his memory alive and let this not be a terrible waste"

yamumsyadad 21:28 20/Jan/13

Danka 09:21 21/Jan/13

He mad a reggae mix

toastfacekillah 13:20 21/Jan/13

never met lewis but i always thought that he would be a really nice, happy dude that was stoked on life, it's awesome to read all these stories that are saying exactly that, but it also makes it that much sadder. sorry to his close friends and family for their loss. best rasta on a skateboard.

Reign Supreme
Reign Supreme 14:23 21/Jan/13

I was looking for that fs flip! Nice stuff

4128 17:35 21/Jan/13

There's an A4 print available on SLAM Mag website of a sketch JB did of Lewis yesterday, hit the link for the download...

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